Italy, Costacurta: ‘Neither Guardiola nor Mourinho could turn things around’

24 March at 19:30

Italy FA Vice commissioner Alessandro Costacurta has revealed that the azzurri will name a new head coach on the 20th of May.

“It’s a certain date”, Costacurta said on Saturday afternoon.

“On the 20th of May we will name a new coach for Italy national team.”

“I think Italy played a good game against Argentina. I liked the second half, I think it was impossible to have a better display, it’s not an easy moment especially on psychological terms. We must focus on our players and I don’t think anything could have changed with Guardiola or Mourinho sitting on the bench.”

“Di Biagio is doing well, he is a federal coach, he knows each player very well. He could be the next manager or he could be part of the technical staff. There are many good managers in Italy but there aren’t many better managers than Di Biagio. Being perfect is not easy but people worry a bit too much about the manager. The first thing we must do is to qualify for Euro 2020. I believe some players can do more when they were the azzurri shirt.”

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