AC Milan, here is what will happen if Yonghong Li does not dish out the money by tonight

25 March at 18:25

AC Milan started off this past season very slowly which led to Vincenzo Montella’s sacking. The rossoneri acquired over 10 players last summer as they dished out over 200 million euros. Even so, the results did not follow as Milan had a very difficult time to start off the 2017-18 season. With Rino Gattuso now the interim coach, Milan have been doing much better as they have been climbing back up the Italian Serie A standings. The coming hours/days should be very important for AC Milan’s future as Yonghong Li will have to dish out 10 million euros by tonight for the increase in capital.

What will happen if Mr. Li does not pay this amount by tonight? According to Gazzetta dello SportElliott would then pay the 10 million euros by tomorrow as Mr. Li would then have 1 week to pay them back. AC Milan fans will hope that their financial situation is settled as soon as possible as time will tell…

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