Real Madrid: Isco adds fuel to fire in referee row ahead of Barcelona showdown

13 April

The penalty awarded to Real Madrid in the 93rd minute against Juventus has been a hot topic in the football world this week, as many seem to argue over whether it was a penalty or not. To add fuel to the fire, Isco has commented on the situation.

Real Madrid’s midfielder Isco has reacted to journalist Juanma Castano’s comments on the penalty, as the Spanish journalist stated that it’s a ‘world-wide scandal’ that Real Madrid have advanced to the final four of Champions League.
Isco decided to post a video on Twitter, showing Castano’s reactions to the game between Juventus and Real Madrid, as well as Barcelona’s encounter with PSG last season, revealing Castano’s true colours.
In fact, Castano even labelled the game between Barcelona and PSG as ‘a night for the history of sports’, despite the fact that it included several poor calls by the referee. Isco is, of course, referring to this through the video, along with a caption.
“One profession, two measuring sticks, shameful,” tweeted Isco.
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