Real Madrid legend refuses to comment Buffon’s referee claims

Foto Getty Images\\Guang Niu

13 April

Real Madrid legend Emilio Butragueno has refused to comment on Buffon’s outrage during Juventus’ encounter with Real Madrid, as the latter were awarded a penalty in the 93rd minute.

“How important will it be to have Sergio Ramos against Bayern? Sergio is one of the leaders in this the team. He is our captain and a player with a huge personality and competitiveness. His presence is important from an emotional point of view and in his role, he is the best in the world.
“Real Madrid helped by the referees? We always prefer not to talk about the referees and concentrate only on our work.
“The protests of the Juventus players and the words of Buffon after the game? Juventusprooved their greatness and majesty the other night. We respect them a lot and we also understand the bitterness to be out of a quarter-final in that way. I don’t want to comment on Buffon’s words, but I understand his frustration.”
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