Lazio vs. Roma 0-0: Tops and flops as derby ends scoreless

15 April

The Rome derby ended in a 0-0 draw, although both teams had enough chances to win it. have ranked the players’ performances, with Manolas being the MOTM.

Schick – 5: Certainly nothing spectacular from the striker, although he’s finding more and more confident in this Roma side. Was replaced by Under early in the second half and, therefore, failed to leave a mark on the game.
Radu – 4.5: Did well at times to prevent Bruno Peres from creating too much space on the right-hand side. However, the two silly yellow cards he received, resulting in a red, seriously affects his rating. You would expect better from such an experienced player.
Manolas – 7: Played really well tonight. A common theme for the Greek defender. However, he was forced to leave the pitch after receiving a knock. Roma fans will be hoping that it’s nothing serious as the semi-final against Liverpool approaches fast.
Luis Felipe – 6.5: Surprisingly enough managed to keep Edin Dzeko relatively quiet, anticipating many of the big man’s moves. Impressive game, to say the least.
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