Bad news Real Madrid: Donnarumma set to be most expensive GK in history

17 April

Gigio Donnarumma has really rocketed his way to fame, hasn’t he?

According to the latest article from Tuttosport, it appears that the young AC Milan gem could easily turn out to be the most expensive goalkeeper in history.

This appears to be bad news for clubs like PSG and Real Madrid, who are interested in nabbing him, the latter failing to sign Kepa Arrizabalaga over the winter.

His current price is in the region of €70 million, a sum that no-one has come even remotely close to spending. Recent sensitivity Coach Gigi Buffon is the untouchable in this category, fetching as much as 50m in 2001 when Juventus prized him away from Parma.

Manuel Neuer, another untouchable, “only” cost Bayern €30 million when he moved there in 2011.

Edersen fetched €10 million more than that when he joined Manchester City in the summer, immediately solving the Sky Blues’ goalkeeping problems.

There’s a catch in this, however: agent Gigio Donnarumma is being accused of wanting to lower the price (say, €40m) so that he can charge as much as he can in commissions and wages.

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