How Suning’s European expansion will help Inter spend more

17 April

Inter owners Suning have a new plan to expand their brand to a European market… and potentially allow them to spend more on the Nerazzurri. 

Tuttosport reveal that the massive Chinese retailer – which bought out the Nerazzurri in the summer of 2016  – intends to open shops in Milan, Germany, France, Australia and South Korea, as well as England.

The idea isn’t just to introduce high-quality Chinese products to the European market, but also to allow the Zhang family to justify their exportation of capital to Italy.

The Chinese government recently went as far as to severely restrict such activities, something which is believed to be behind the Nerazzurri’s inability to spend for current Coach Luciano Spalletti.

Steven Zhang made it clear that this would also be a part of Inter’s stadium renovation: “Fans don’t just want to go watch a game, they also want to enjoy an interesting experience and we want to improve it. People don’t just want good players, but good food, good images and innovation.”

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