Paula Patton says Meghan Markle helped with her 2005 wedding invitations

Actress Paula Patton revealed that Meghan Markle helped her make her 2005 wedding invitations.

Six degrees of separation is never truer than in Tinseltown!

Paula Patton and Meghan Markle have a total Hollywood connection, but it’s not what you might think.

“I met her because she helped me with my wedding invitations,” Patton revealed. The 42-year-old actress was sitting down to chat with ET about her upcoming movie, “Traffik,” when the remarkable Markle connection came up.

Markle, who is set to wed Prince Harry on May 19, was apparently working as a clerk at the Paper Source, where Patton had the invitations made for her 2005 wedding to ex-husband Robine Thicke, and hand-wrote the addresses on the envelopes.

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“She had this beautiful writing,” Patton recalled. “That moment I feel like I said something to her. Like, ‘You are meant to be royal’… She was just so graceful and lovely, and actually really kind.”

As for her latest movie, Patton gets to exhibit a different kind of grace — as a boss. She not only produced and starred in the film, which revolves around a romantic getaway that goes awry with the appearance of a woman in need of help, but she did her own stunts, too.

“That’s what’s fun about it,” she said of her character’s stunts. “This girl, she doesn’t know how to fight and she doesn’t know how to be in a car chase and so it was fun for me, as a character, as an actor, as a human, but also to portray this person. To actually go through those experiences, you know. I’ve never been dragged out of a car, so I need someone to do it for me, so I have the right reaction.”

“Traffik” hits theaters April 20.

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