Ceferin: ‘VAR could have been useful in Man City-Liverpool, Buffon was wrong’

18 April

Uefa president Alexandre Ceferin released an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport to share is thoughts on the introduction of VAR: “The Champions League is like a Ferrari or a Porsche, it’s impossible to drive it straight away. You need tests and everybody has to know how it works. It’s still too early for VAR in Champions League. It doesn’t mean that we will never introduce it. It means that there is no rush.”

“In Real Madrid-Juve VAR would be useless. People have been watching the action for 30, 50 times and they are still divided. It could have been more useful in Man City-Liverpool on that disallowed goal.”

Ceferin also commented Buffon claims against Michael Oliver: “What Buffon said is not fair. I understand the frustration and the disappointment of a player who has lost a game in the 93rd minute. You know you have missed a chance and I can understand him. Collina? I’ve spoken to Andrea Agnelli and I know he acted as a gentleman. He had the same frustration of Buffon but he didn’t offend anybody nor he was aggressive. He couldn’t hide his feelings even if he is the president.”

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