Exclusive: How Milan still want loyal Belotti badly, and his clause isn’t €100m in Italy…

18 April

Andrea Belotti may be more than an example on the pitch: he is also one off of it, if what happened on July 21st last summer is any indication. That is when the Calcinate native met with Torino president Urbano Cairo. While the Gallo made it clear that Milan was his dream, he also said that he wouldn’t dig in his heels in order to force a move.

Cairo decided to keep his striker, who was coming off a 26 goal season in Serie A. Though Belotti hasn’t been so successful this time round (9 league goals), Milan Coach Rino Gattuso still wants him like mad.

Yet Cairo won’t let go of his man for anything less than the €100 million he’s always asked for, even though theoritically this clause isn’t valid in Italy. That said, Milan have yet to request him, because they’re trying to ensure that their transfer activity is validated by UEFA’s Financial Fair Play.

Still, Milan are watching, and may strike one day after all…

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