Marotta: ‘Crotone? Here is why this game will be crucial for us. Pogba? Let’s see…’

18 April

Juventus are set to take on Crotone as bianconeri general manager Beppe Marotta spoke to Premium Sport ahead of the game. Here is what he had to say on the matter as he spoke to the press:

“Crotone? Well this will be a very important games for us indeed. More important than the game against Napoli? Yes I would say so since we will have to have the right approach and mentality to come home with the three points. It’s easy to play well against big teams but you have to have the right approach too against the smaller ones. VAR? I don’t think that the VAR is perfect but it certainly has to reduce the errors. There will have to be adjustments made that’s for sure. Pogba and Morata? Well I don’t like to take players back but there are exceptions. Done deal for Darmian? No, not at all…”.

Juventus are currently first in the Italian Serie A standings as they have a 6 point advantage over Napoli. This will be a big game for them against Crotone since they will then face Napoli and Inter

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