Kanye West says his new Tesla is the ‘funnest car’


Kanye West has been cruising in his new Tesla, and he likes it. A lot.

West went on a Twitter storm over the weekend praising his new wheels.

And it’s not even the funnest Model S. It looks like he opted for the entry-level $75,000 75D instead of the “ludicrous” P100D, which goes for $135,000 and is the quickest sedan in the world.

He did spend some of the savings on a unique matte silver paint job for it at Platinum Motorsports, a Los Angeles automotive boutique that caters to the city’s celebs.

TMZ spotted West leaving his studio in the fresh car last Friday with DJ Charlamagne Tha God.

Musk, who’s recently been sleeping on the floor of that factory that built the Model S, as he deals with production issues with the newer Model 3, didn’t have anything to say about West’s new ride, but did retweet a couple of his messages.

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