Kolarov: “Winning Champions League? We’ve come this far and must try”

23 April
Aleksandar Kolarov joined Di Francesco during today’s press conference ahead of the Champions League encounter with Liverpool. Here’s what the left-back had to say.

On the similarities with the game against Barcelona: “Against Barcelona, we put in a great performance, playing together and not only focusing on Messi. We will have to do the same tomorrow and only in this way will we be able to achieve our goals.

“Íf we had this objective? We have shown to be at the level of playing in a Champions League semi-final. We are ready, tomorrow will not decide anything because there’s still the return leg.”
On Salah: We have to play as a team. There is not only Salah, they play at a very high pace and we must be careful.”
On a potential Champions League win: “If we’ve come this far, we have to try. Now comes the fun but also the hard part, we have an obligation to do our best, we deserve to be here.”

On Totti: “I’ve not had the fortune to play with him, but Francesco is still like a teammate for us. is for us as a teammate. Of course, he has a different role now.”

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