Rafael Nadal: Iniesta brought us so much joy

Nadal Roland Garros

23 April

Tennis superstar Rafael Nadal has lavished praise on fellow athlete Andres Iniesta.

The Barcelona star is set to leave the club this summer after deciding not to renew his deal with the Catalan club.

​Though Nadal is the nephew of former Barca player Miguel Angel Nadal, he is actually a Real Madrid fan.

Still, he took time out of a recent press conference ahead of the Barcelona Open to say that Iniesta was a “role model” and that it was a pity that he was leaving.

He has done everything he had to do and more,” “It’s a pity we can’t enjoy him more if he’s going. But if that’s his decision then he has all my support and I hope that he’s happy in his new era.”

“Iniesta has brought us joy, he’s helped us be happy, enjoy ourselves and he has always behaved with respect, naturalness and normality, which is the most important thing.”

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