Wenger: People are talking about me as if I was dead

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23 April

Arsene Wenger has reacted wryly to the reaction to his announced retirement, claiming that it feels like people are treating him as if he were dead!

The French Coach recently announced that he would leave the Gunners after 22 years at the helm, as his side has plunged further and further down the Premier League table in his last few years at the helm.

The three-time Champions League winner claims that receiving so many tributes made it feel like he had joined the choir invisible!

“I had the feeling a little bit to be witnessing my own funeral,” said Wenger.

“People speaking about you, how you were. That’s interesting, so I don’t need to die anymore. I know what is coming. Apart from the sense of humour I would like to thank everybody for being so nice to me. It has been difficult but as well fantastic.”

It’s a much-needed moment of hilarity from the manager, who hasn’t won a Premiership title since 2004 and who has been unable to build a side capable of competing for a number of years now.

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