Drunk’s shocking 20-minute drive caught on dash cam

A tipsy school teacher lost her driver’s license for two years after a boozy cruise she took through a British town was caught on her own dash cam.

The video shows Louise Willard, 41, swerving off the road several times, hitting a hedge and narrowly avoiding utility workers and oncoming traffic as she sped along a narrow village lane in Bexhill, England, on April 4.

SWNS reports that Willard was three times over the legal limit during the 20-minute drive, which didn’t even end when she slammed into the rear of a parked car. Instead, she backed up and then continued along in her badly damaged vehicle.

The journey of a drink-driver has been captured through this shocking footage recorded on her own dashcam.  See NATIONAL story NNTEACHER.  The video shows the moment a woman crashes into a parked car in Bexhill, having been seen swerving across the road, clipping kerbs and driving through a bush for several miles previously.  Taken from the offender’s own dash cam, the footage has been released by police to highlight the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol.


After several motorists reported Willard’s erratic driving, police eventually managed to track her down and bring the dangerous escapade to a conclusion before anyone was injured. Along with the driving ban, she was sentenced to 150 hours of community service.

Police made the video public in the hopes of discouraging anyone from getting behind the wheel after having a drink.

“Now, through the release of this footage, we can show you exactly what it looks like to drive under the influence of alcohol, and you can see just how shocking it is,” a police spokesman said.