Gattuso slams AC Milan and explains why is wife is ‘not happy’ after Benevento defeat


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28 April

AC Milan manager Gennaro Gattuso is still furious with his AC Milan side after last week-end’s 1-0 home defeat against Benevento. The Italian tactician talked to media on the eve of tomorrow’s away clash to Bologna.

“There was no confrontation with the squad. We hit the bottom and we must take responsibility for it. I am the first responsible for this situation. I cancelled my two-day holiday in Spain. I was supposed to go with my family but I couldn’t after the defeat against Benevento. Somebody is not happy, my wife for example, but I don’t care. My position is not safe and the same goes for everybody else here. I cancelled two days off because we need to focus on the pitch.”

“We must do what we know. We need to be organized and clear-minded. We are without a win since a month but we didn’t allow one single shot to Higuain against Juve and lost against Benevento. That means the problem is a psychological one. I am getting fu***ng crazy because I don’t see problems during trainings. The team must think about the pitch and nothing else. We should not focus on the club’s issues or Mirabelli’s future. We must be united.”

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