2 South Korean tourists drown after their wives’ golf cart hits their own buggy, sends it into Thai river

Two South Korean tourists drowned earlier this week after their wives’ golf cart hit the buggy they were in, causing it to topple into a river in Thailand, officials said.

The bodies of Jun Yong Sung, 68, and Jaseoong Ha, 76, were recovered by Thursday morning, two days after they ended up in the Nan River while vacationing at the Si Phirom resort in Central Thailand, the BBC reported.

The duo were in a golf cart and preparing to cross the river when the vehicle being driven by their wives failed to stop, hitting theirs from behind and knocking them and their buggy off a floating platform. The resort has a golf course that has a river running through it, which has to be crossed on a small, simple rope and pulley-operated ferry.

“Their wives said both were able to swim but I think the cause of drowning was the strong undercurrent,” a police spokesperson told AFP.

The tourists’ caddie also fell into the river but was rescued by a fisherman who responded to the scene.

One of the victim’s wives, Ok Su Kim, was hospitalized for injuries from the crash.

Phitsanulok province Governor Pipat Ekpapan said an autopsy will be conducted on the bodies before they are returned to South Korea.

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