Oregon woman had dog’s Xanax in system when she struck and killed cyclist, prosecutors say

An Oregon woman had her dog’s Xanax medication in her system when she fatally struck a cyclist with her SUV in December 2017, prosecutors alleged.

Prosecutors said Shantel Lynn Witt had 11 medications in her system during a mid-afternoon crash that killed Marika Stone, a dentist who was cycling with friends. According to court documents, Witt was traveling in Bend when she crossed the center line prior to striking Stone, who was killed instantly. The other two cyclists were unharmed.

Prosecutors said Witt had her dog’s anxiety and panic disorder medication in her system and a pill bottle with her dog’s name – Lola – on it was found in her truck, the Oregonian reported.

“The defense provided the state with veterinary records showing that Ms. Witt’s dog was given a prescription for Xanax two days before the crash,” prosecutors wrote in a court filing.

Wit also tested positive for muscle relaxers, another anxiety medication and other drugs, authorities said. She faces a manslaughter charge. Her trial continues Wednesday.