Policeman Sues His Friend For Failing To Impregnate His Wife After Having S e x With Her 77 Times

According to report, a Tanzanian policeman has reportedly sued his friend, for failing to impregnate his wife after trying for 77 times.

Darius Makambako, 50 and his Precious, 45 who wanted to have a child chose another way, after they were told by a renowned doctor that the man was sterile. The Tanzanian policeman who alongside his wife was tired of being in a 6 years childless marriage, chose his neighbor Evans Mastano, 52 a fellow police officer to impregnate his wife.

Makambako who is a member of Tanzanian police force (Traffic department), paid Mastano 2, 000, 000 Tanzanian Shillings for the job for three evenings a week for the next 10 months. However he failed to fulfill the task after 77 times. It was further gathered that Evans was also pronounced sterile by doctors. The doctor’s pronouncement that Evans Mastano was also sterile shocked everyone except his wife, who was forced to confess that Evans was not the real father of her two children, but his cousin Edward.

The Tanzanian policeman who now sued his friend for failing to impregnate his wife after trying for 77 times, accused Evans of breach of Contract in an effort to get his money back. It was further gathered that Evans refused to give it back, because he said he did not guarantee conception.