“There’s Nothing Wrong With S e x u a l Immorality” – Rex Omar

A veteran high-life singer in Ghana, Rex Omar has said in a new interviews that God sees nothing wrong with what humans consider as $exual immorality.

Speaking on the Delay Show, Rex Omar stated that God understands $exual immorality and what humans regard as $exual immorality is simply a relationship between a man and a woman which and he doesn’t think there is anything wrong with that.

According to the Rex Omar, he made the decision to only compose and sing $exually explicit songs, because songs that are considered sensible do not sell.

“It is God who created us. God understand $exual immorality. What we as humans call $exual immorality is a relationship between a man and a woman. There is nothing $exually immoral about me writing about my wife. Abiba is my wife. Konka: ‘AbenaMma pa maame’ is my wife’s name. So like a songwriter, if I write about my wife or like a painter, and you see it as $exually immoral; I can decide to paint my wife’s naked picture or half naked picture, she is my wife,” he said.

“I deliberately composed those $exually explicit songs,” the ‘Abiba’ hitmaker said. “Sensible songs don’t sell at that time. That was the time; the group Nakorex split and people had forgotten Rex Omar; so I needed to bounce back. I released Kotosa and I think that album has a whole lot of good songs which I promoted but did not receive the needed attention,” he said.