Afghan boy, 5, does happy dance with new prosthetic leg

A video of a 5-year-old Afghan boy dancing while wearing his new prosthetic leg has lit up the internet.

Ahmad Sayed Rahman’s right leg had to be amputated when he was just 8 months old after he was shot during a gunfight between government and Taliban forces in his village.

But in a video posted Monday, Rahman was nothing but smiles at a Red Cross orthopedic clinic in Kabul after receiving the prosthetic limb.

Rahman is one of thousands of Afghan children to receive artificial limbs at the hospital since it opened in 1988, the Washington Post reported.

“When you see a child with an artificial limb dancing, of course everybody watches it,” Cairo said. “I am very happy to know that this is going everywhere,” the director of the center told the Post.

“It is me!” Rahman, who’s now a celebrity at the hospital, reportedly said when he saw the video. Then he ran to show it to his mother.