Biography Profile: Kiitan Bukola

Oloruntimilehin Bukola Abosede popularly known as Kiitan Bukola was born in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State on march 18, 1990. She is an actress and businesswoman.

Birth Name Oloruntimilehin Bukola Abosede
Birth Date / Age March 18, 1990 (age 29)
Birth Place Ado Ekiti State, Nigeria
Residence Lagos, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
Gender Female
Other Names
  • Kiitan Bukola
  • Kitan Bukola
  • Kiitan B
Spouse(s) n/a
Children none
Relationship Status Unknown
Relationship Type Heterosexual
  • Actress
  • Filmmaker
  • Businesswoman
Years Active
  • 2011 – 2011
  • 2018 – present
Associated acts
Net Worth unknown
  • n/a
Relatives n/a
Favorite People
  • n/a
Body & Measurements
Body Type Average Body
Skin Complexion Chocolate
Body Measurements n/a
Height n/a
Weight n/a
Body Art Tattoo
Dress Size n/a
Shoe Size n/a
Hair Black
Eye Color Black
Religion Christian
  • Yoruba
  • English
Alma mater
  • UNISA South Africa
  • Business Management
Mobile Phone No
Mobile Phone No: n/a
Social Media Handles
Social  kiitanb

Early Life and family

Kiitan was born in Ado Ekiti. She Is the first born of the family of 3 wives, 14 children and the first born of Her mother. She went to union baptist nursery and primary school Oke Bola, ado Ekiti and Christ girls school Ado Ekiti before moving and living in Lagos.


Oloruntimilehin went to union baptist nursery and primary school Oke Bola, Ado Ekiti and Christ girls school Ado Ekiti.

She then went to business school in UNISA South Africa, where she studied and graduated from business management department.


Kiitan bukola, an actress and CEO of kiitanb supermarket.

Kiitan first movie appearance was in 2011. it was a movie produced by Toyin Abraham but She wasn’t So committed to the acting as she was focused on finishing her studies.

in 2018 Bukola decided to start acting as a full time nollywood actor with the help of a friends advice and she followed her dreams and ambitions which took her to stardom, and recently produced her own movie “Kiitan”.


Kiitan Visuals told Potpourri in a chat that she got the tattoos out of love. She said she had them because her ex boyfriend loved tattoos but in recent times she no longer feels cool seeing them on her body. She has 3 tattoos, one on her right lap and 2 on parts she refused to disclose.

 “ I did them out of love back then because my ex used to love tattoos but right now I’m tired of it. I wish I can remove them now. I have even tried to remove them in South Africa but I was told I would have to come for 5 sessions of treatment before it would clear off. Unfortunately, I was about to leave the country then and couldn’t wait to get it done. Seriously, I ‘m tired of them,”She said there are many reasons she wants them off.

She explains further

 “I love wearing shorts but I can’t most times because of the tattoos. You know, people have different suspicious opinions about people wearing tattoos. The tattoos embarrass me now.”

Personal Life

In an interview with Vanguard Nigeria, Kiitan revealed somethings about her personal life.

Kiitan Bukola got the name ‘Kiitan’ added to her name when she produced the film ‘Kiitan’.

When asked about her love life, she said:

 “I need a man no doubt but I don’t want to put that in my head right now and forget other things. I am a lover girl I love like a fool when I am in love. When I am in love I always want to please my man, even to the point of displeasing myself. If I want to take a decision I always ask my man first, which always affect me in the end when we break up”.


Ori Eiye
Ero Ife
Maybe (Boya)
Toyawo (2019)

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