Biggest Snake Ever Could Be Hiding In The Amazon – Download

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Could it still be alive today? The biggest snake known to man, was found recently by scientists when they discovered its fossils. Name the titanoboa, this thing is so big it could take down a t-rex!

If you thought that anacondas and pythons were intimidating, you haven’t seen anything yet. Slithering its way through the South American jungles and devouring anything that gets in its way, there’s one particular beast that reigns as king of the reptiles. It’s the largest snake to have ever roamed our earth and it’s known to its feared as the titanoboa. Trust us, this mammoth creature is not to be messed with. Scientists claim that the titanoboa is extinct but others aren’t so sure; some people claim to have seen it with their own eyes. So, how big are we talking here? How dangerous is this giant beast? For anyone with ophidiophobia, look away.