Strict Rules For A First Class Flight Attendant – Download

Rules only 1% of people follow on an airplane to make it as a first class flight attendant. From flight school for the cabin crew, regulations, dress code’s, behavior’s, studying and exams! Learn what it takes to make it.

It might seem like a dream job full of travel perks and flexible schedules but, in reality, being a flight attendant is one of the most stressful, strict and physically-demanding jobs out there. Our cabin crews are forced to follow a rigid set of rules, some of which make a lot of sense, and some which are flat-out perplexing. Depending on the airline, to be hired as a flight attendant, you have to fall within a certain height and weight range, you can’t be married, and you might even need to know how to use a taser. So, let’s take a look at the strange, often secretive lives of our beloved air hosts and hostesses.


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