Scientist’s Prove The Megalodon Is Extinct – Download

The Meg definitely went extinct because all you can find of it now are it’s teeth! Global warming hit it hard, along with no food source like blue whales, and other sharks taking over. You’ll never find real life footage of the shark, not even in the mariana’s trench! Best you can do is hunt for it’s teeth!

Throughout our planet’s history there have lived many a larger-than-life predator capable of doing some serious damage to large prey. Between giant dinosaurs like the T-Rex and fearsome mammals like saber-toothed cats, there’s never been a shortage of meat-eating giants. None of them, however, can hold a candle to the largest marine predator that ever lived, the behemoth 18 meter, 60 ton monster shark known as Megalodon. Mysteriously, however, this unimaginably large shark disappears from the fossil record roughly 3 million years ago. Scientists have long been baffled as to why. In this video we explore the possible theories as how Megalodon became extinct and uncover new evidence that suggests the real answer may have been found.


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