11 Surprising Truths About Eminem’s Family – Download

Eminem has an incredible life story and the truth about his family’s life is just as surprising. Also known for his real name Marshall Bruce Mathers III , he is one of hip-hop’s best-selling and most respected artists of all time.

After being discovered by Dr. Dre in 1999, and subsequently releasing his debut album The Slim Shady LP the same year, Eminem has gone on to achieve tremendous success. From winning MTV Music Awards to being the first rapper ever to win a Grammy, he has had a storied career that stretches back to his early days as a battle rapper in Detroit, Michigan.

In addition to his epic music career, Eminem is known for his struggles growing up in a dysfunctional family while living in the trailer parks of middle America. Eminem often references his family problems in his music and is known for not shying away from controversy. Many consider him one of the top 5 rappers dead or alive. He is quite possibly the most controversial rapper to ever pic up a mic. He is Eminem


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