15 Ridiculous Expensive Things 2 Chainz Owns – Download

2 Chainz has pretty much tried every expensive things there is. But here are some expensivest things he owns. From an impressive car collection, to a wardrobe filled with designer clothes, to golden burgers, 2 Chainz never fails to impress.

He’s tried the most expensive coffee, petted the priciest animals on the planet, or chowed down on the world’s most luxurious burger with a price tag to match. The only man who springs to mind for us is 2 Chainz: American rapper, songwriter and media personality, who also has a show where he experiences how the other half live.

Be it houses, cars, or clothes. 2 Chainz knows what he wants from the world and he’s stopping at nothing to get it.

Today, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the world of 2 Chainz, eyeing up some of his most expensive purchases and seeing where all that money is actually being spent.


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