What If We Lost Internet For A Whole Year

Would we survive if the internet went offline?
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No Social Media! No Texting! No new apps! No location stalking your significant other to make sure they aren’t cheating! These are just a few of the effects of having no internet. But hey, maybe you’re thinking this isn’t such a bad thing, and that maybe society as we know it could still continue on fine and dandy without the world wide web. Well, today Brainiacs we are talking not just a day, or a week, or a month without the web. We are going to discuss a full year. And what it would be like for us individually, and as a society, to not have any internet connection! What would happen to business? The military? And what would happen to our connections with friends and family that live across the country, or even the globe? Today, you are going to find out. So sit tight, save your pictures from the cloud to your hard drive, and get ready to find out just what it would be like to go an entire year without Al Gore’s favorite invention: The internet.


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