How Long Can You Hold Your Pee Before You Burst

How long can your body survive without going to the bathroom
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The act of peeing is one of the most natural phenomenons there is! It’s the body’s way of expelling toxins and other waste byproducts from our body, so they don’t cause any problems inside of us. But what happens if you straight up decide to not pee any more? While the human bladder is capable of stretching to remarkable sizes, and the brain is capable of keeping your bladder sealed no matter how desperately it begs for release, the long term effect of doing so might just be so catastrophic it’s not worth it. Could peeing your pants really be the better option?
Join us in exploring just exactly what is going on in our friend Petey’s bladder as he waits in a long line for the bathroom at a houseparty. Hold on Petey, it might be a while!


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