Insane Objects Doctors Remove From People’s Bodies

How Real Life People Ended Up With These Foreign Objects Stuck In Their Body.
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Ahh humans. We sure do love putting things in our body that don’t belong there! Every single day, doctors, surgeons, and medical professionals from around the world spend their precious working hours fishing bizarre items from out of the various orifices in the human body. Whether its a nail in the brain, or a treasure trove of coins and necklaces in the stomach, it seems humans will always find a way to defy the odds and insert seemingly unimaginable foreign objects into ourselves.

So, buckle down and watch this video to find out how exactly foreign objects tend to end up in the body, what ill effects they may have once they’re in there and how to get them out. Stick around ’til the end and you’ll even hear about a couple of the crazier cases of foreign object removal in recent history…including a 1 pound hairball!


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