What Happens If You Eat A Tube Of Toothpaste

How Swallowing Your Toothpaste Can Poison Your Body

Brushing our teeth with toothpaste is something most humans do on a daily basis, and with good reason. Throughout history an astonishing number of humans have fallen prey to easily preventable dental diseases. Seriously, dental problems were considered an American national crisis at one point. At least, that is, until the adoption of regular brushing habits came about, causing dental disease rates to drop significantly. However, just cause something keeps your mouth minty clean doesn’t mean its safe to swallow! That’s right, ingesting toothpaste can have serious effects on your health…we’re talking breathing problems, convulsions, heart attacks, and more. But why exactly is something that is designed to be put into our mouths so dangerous when swallowed? And what exactly can we do to counteract the effects of toothpaste poisoning if we happen to fall victim to it? Watch this video to find out all of this and more!


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