What If Humans Were Born With Venom In Their Teeth

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The King Cobra, the scorpion, the blue-ringed octopus. What do these animals have in common? Other than the face you don’t want to find one lurking in your home, these animals are all venomous. They’re feared, weird, and deadly. So, what would happen if a human produced venom? Is it possible? In this video, we’ll look at how different the world would be with one simple change: if humans had the ability to produce venom. We explore how humans would have evolved, for better or for worse. We’ll also take a look at how that would have affected the evolution and development of other things, like tools. Let’s also dive into war, or venom as a weapon. Animals use it as a defensive mechanism, so what kind of social customs would humans create around the production of venom in the human mouth? We’ll also explore the possibility of venom in humans or animals other than amphibians or fish. Is it possible for a mammal like you and me to be born with venom? If this topic made you think, give this video a thumbs up! And subscribe and hit that bell notification so you never miss a video.


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