15 Terrifying Internet Videos Found Deep In The Web – That Can’t Be Explained – Download

The Web has some pretty creepy and strange internet videos if you access deep in it’s dark parts. We really don’t have to tell you guys that the internet is a crazy place. It literally harbors the largest collection of bizarre videos ever assembled.

The videos can be found on Youtube or other less frequented sites. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Still, many of the craziest videos are easily explainable: they’re either taken from real life or created in a studio. But there are some videos that blur the line between the two. These are the ones that have qualities that are not easily explained by real life phenomena or ingenious editing. The above video contains 15 clips that, for various reasons, have confused many people. Before you hit play, we’ll let you know what to expect!

But don’t worry. Just because these videos are thought to be unexplainable doesn’t mean we didn’t try to explain them. This should bring you some comfort. Some…


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