10 Secret ‘Friends’ Facts About The Cast No One Ever Knew Until Now – Download

Everybody loves “Friends.” You can’t say the Friends Cast didn’t have funny scenes/quotes! Some Secret Facts might actually shock you though! By the time the finale aired in 2004, 43 percent of All American TVs were tuned into “Friends.”

It’s hard to believe, then, that knowing the show’s popularity, there would be things people didn’t know about the show. But there are, especially regarding the cast members. While the goings-on of Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, and Joey have been set in stone, their actors are always growing, and thus always revealing new things about themselves, their co-stars, and the things that happened behind the scenes.

Want a few examples before we begin? Well, how about the fact that Matt LeBlanc only had $11 in his pocket when he was hired on the show, or that Matthew Perry once got into a physical argument with the Prime Minister of Canada!

Not enough? Well, considering we’re The Richest, we’ll also get into the exact salary and income figures of the six cast members, but you’ll have to click play for that one. We can reveal one financial fact, however, which is that “Friends” still makes $1 billion a year in merchandise and syndication rights, and each of the main cast members gets two percent of that. This means that they get an automatic $20 million a year. We know: what a life!
All this and more will be presented in the above video for your viewing and listening pleasure.


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