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Ever wanted to take a dive into the deepest parts of the ocean? Well, today you’re gonna have this opportunity! Now, how good are you at holding your breath? Not that good? Well not to worry. Hop on board of my submersible craft and join me in the voyage to the depths! Ready? Let’s dive!

The Mariana trench begins at about 19,700 ft deep. It’s both the least explored and the most fascinating area for the scientists and adventurers alike. The Challenger Deep is the bottom of the Mariana trench, and its depth is 35,853 ft. Few people have been here, and very little is known about it yet. But scientists aren’t going to stop, and there’s hope we’ll soon find out what secrets the depths of the ocean hold. Ready? Let’s dive!

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Something interesting about orcas 1:03
What decompression sickness is 1:47
The dark part of the ocean 2:11
Why blue whales are so awesome 3:14
The creature with eyes the size of frisbees 4:09
The Midnight Zone 4:49
“I don’t see you, but I’ll still eat you.” Brr! 5:20
Black dragonfish (It looks like something from a horror movie) 6:19
It’s time to delve into the Abyss 7:24
The black swallower (Now I’m scared) 8:01
The deepest shipwreck 8:48 ⛵️
The deepest fish ever found 9:22
The very bottom of the Earth 9:53

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– At 65 ft, there’s a whole new world opening before your eyes: shallow coral reefs are standing beautifully not far from the shore.
– 130 ft is the depth where we say goodbye even to recreational scuba divers — it’s the maximum allowed for them.
– At 230 ft we meet whale sharks — the largest known fish species, weighing up to 60 tons.
– And now we’re entering the dark part of the ocean: at 490 ft, just 1% of the light from the surface reaches us.
– Going deeper now, and at 1,640 ft you’re going to see the last of the blue whales — no, not really the last of them, I mean, that’s the deepest they can swim.
– At the depth of 2,723 ft we have reached the point where the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, would not even show its tip on the surface if it were put underwater.
– The giant squid inhabits the depths of 2,950 ft. Just imagine the creature with eyes the size of frisbees!
– The Midnight Zone. The pressure here is so huge that, if you somehow end up being here without a submersible, you’ll simply be crushed in a couple of seconds.
– 4,200 ft down below, and we see the ferocious great white sharks — these ultimate predators feel great at such a depth.
– See those huge nets? That’s because we’re now at the depth of 4,900 ft where the “catch-all” fishing method is used.
– At 6,000 ft, if we were in the Grand Canyon, we’d be sitting at its lowest and deepest point.
– Now, if we’re really careful, then at the depth of 6,600 ft, we’ll be able to see the black dragonfish — a nightmarish creature that dwells in the deep and dark parts of the ocean.
– At 7,400 ft we’ll be saying goodbye to sperm whales — this is the deepest point they can dive.
– At 15,000 ft, the monsters out of your worst nightmares pop up.
– The black swallower can swallow prey that’s twice its size!
– And now the deepest and darkest part of the ocean begins: we’re diving into the Mariana trench. Officially, it begins at about 19,700 ft deep.
– Going lower and deeper, you won’t see any other kind of fish or vertebrate animal whatsoever — the pressure is just too much for such creatures.

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