10 Strange Things Happening in China Right Now – Download

There’s a lot going on in China right now. Heck, there’s always a lot going on in China. As one of the largest, most populous, richest, oldest, and most culturally unique countries in the world, China is constantly fighting for its position as a world superpower—battling with the likes of the United States, Russia, and the United Kingdom.

But China, being China, operates so much differently than the rest of the bunch, especially the Western powers. Only China would replace streetlights by launching giant artificial moons into the sky that are eight times the brightness of the real moon. Of course, it doesn’t stop there. How about preventing its citizens from seeing Japanese cinematic masterpieces because of an inter-country rivalry? It could only be China. Or having one of your scientists conduct an extremely unethical experiment only to make him disappear when controversy arose? Again, China. Or throwing an author in prison for writing scenes that would be appropriate in any PG-13 movie? You don’t have to guess again.

The country is extraordinarily successful; so successful that it’s projected to be the top world superpower by the mid-21st century. The only thing holding China back from the limelight—the center stage of geopolitics—is the authoritarian nature of its government, which prevents its citizens from having the freedom that Westerners have. There are all kinds of civil rights violations happening as we speak, not just the persecution of scandalous writers and Japanese art, but of churchgoers, Muslims, and even iPhone retailers. Thus, from a Western perspective, it’s fine to think that China’s a little crazy, but crazy like a fox..


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