Classes and Uses of Farm Animals


What are farm animals?

Any animal farm serve plenty important purposes, including recreational and medicinal. For instance, there is a special medical therapy called hippotherapy, which involves the use of horses to help heal psychological wounds.


Another name for farm animals is livestock, and this term concerns only domestic animal. Examples of these animals are camels, sheep, goats, chicken, donkeys, horses, pigs, mules, etc. The variety of animal production depends on the country, climate and a lot of other characteristics.


Farm animals provide us with many kinds of products, for instance, the cows which we get milk and meat from. It should also be noted that different countries and regions have their own cultural traditions about rearing some kinds of animals. For instance, dogs are considered domestic animals for a majority of countries and are kept as pets to provide protection and entertainment to the family. However, in one of the Chinese provinces, dogs are reared to be eaten as food! Therefore, the classification of farm animals based on their uses can be different depending on countries and regions. For instance, in some regions of Russia, reindeers can be reared for meat, milk, fur and horns.


Uses of farm animals It could be a little difficult to determine what animals can be considered farm animals because it tends to vary in every culture and country. It is generally assumed that farm animals should be kept in farms, but this is not totally true as farms also have different cultural meanings. For instance, Bedouins do not have farms, but they rear camels for meat, milk, fur and bones. However, let`s take a look at the most popular livestock animals and the countries where you can find them!

Type’s of farm animals


1. Alpaca :Alpacas were domesticated about seven thousand years ago. They are reared for fiber and meat!

2. Addax :


These are mammals which you can find in Egypt. They are reared for meat and hides.

3. Bali Cattle:


It is a domestic animal reared for meat and milk.

4. Bison :


It is a large animal that became domestic in the 19th century. It`s now reared for meat and leather.

5. Camel: This animal was domesticated six thousand years ago. It`s now used for camel hair, meat and milk.

6. Cattle: It is a standard farm animal for every country. They are reared for meat, milk and horns.

7. Capybara:


You can find this animal in South America. It is reared for skin and meat.

8. Collared peccary It is quite popular Brazil and reared for its hide, tusks and meat.

9. Deer: Deers are reared for meat, leather and antlers.

10. Donkey :This mammal is used as a draught and mount. It can be also killed for meat and skin.

11. Eland:


It is a domestic animal which is reared for meat, hides, leather and horns.

12. Elk: It is a captive animal which can also used for meat, hides and leather.

13. Gayal: This type of animal is native to Southeast Asia. It`s reared for leather, meat, wool and milk.

14. Goat: The most famous farm animal. It can be used for various needs on a farm.

15. Horse:


This domestic animal became a friend to people about six thousand years ago. For a lot of countries, it is used as a draught.

16. Mule: It is a symbiosis of horse and donkey. This animal is a perfect mount and draught!

17. Pig: Another domestic animal which you can see in almost every country of the world. It`s a perfect source of meat!

18. Sheep:


This animal is reared mostly for its wool. Nevertheless, it is also a good source of meat!

19. Rabbit: Rabbits can be used as home pets, but they are also reared for their fur and meat.

20. Yak: Another big animal which can be used for various reasons. It`s a perfect source of meat, milk and fur. However, people from Nepal and Tibet use these animals as draughts and mounts..

21. Poultry: Poultry animals include goose, chicken, turkeys and other birds that can provide meat and eggs. Still, some people may keep these animals as pets! Conclusion Each animal from the list above can be kept as a home pet. Nevertheless, in most countries of the world they are are used for food and other products.

As at today, the human race has captured almost every animal in the world, that`s why you can find farms with exotic animals like crocodiles, zebras, reindeers and so on. Nonetheless, there are some types of animals that can be found in farms all over the world, and they are the ones that can only be classified as farm animals!

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