Hidden Features In The President’s Car To Keep Him Alive

These are Hidden Features In The President’s Car To Keep Him Alive.
The U.S Presidential motorcade is one of the most secure, expensive, insanely guarded vehicles in the entire world. Oh yeah, and good luck trying to get past secret service
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Congratulations ~ you just became the President of the United States of America! We know you can’t wait to run off and start helping the people of this great country, but you might want to wait just a tick. Turns out not everyone is too fond of the US President. That’s right, there’s a 68% chance that an attempt will be made on your life during your tenure! Okay, no need to look so nervous, because we have just the right protection for you!
Introducing, the Presidential Motorcade! Featuring over 30 vehicles, from Overwatch Helicopters to Hazardous Materials Mitigations Units, to Counter Assault Teams, there’s no feasible attack that the Presidential Motorcade can’t handle. Still don’t believe us? Just check out the video above to find out more!


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