How To Survive Being Swallowed Alive By A Whale

The oceans biggest sea creature just swallowed you whole!
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EXTRA! EXTRA! MAN SWALLOWED BY A WHALE! Your instinct is probably to think that this could not possibly be true. Well Brainiacs, we’re here to tell you, it is. Move over Pinocchio because, in the late 1880’s, James Bartley got himself into quite an interesting situation. How, you may ask, does one become whale bait? Honestly, you’ll have to see to believe it. Not only did Mr. Bartley get swallowed by a whale, he actually lived to tell the (whale) tale. A whales stomach is filled with Methane and almost no Oxygen, making this a pretty unpleasant place to find yourself. If you do somehow find yourself in the stomach of a whale, Brainiac is (as always) here help you survive.


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