What Happens If The World Stops Eating Meat Today

Is the Beyond Meat burger worth the hype? Is eating meat actually unhealthy?
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Is eating meat an outdated tradition brought on by our hunter gatherer ancestors? Has a veggie burger actually ever tasted like meat, or are vegetarians lying to themselves? Let’s explore what’s really in those beef patties we’ve been eating since those childhood barbecues. Here at Brainiac, we’ll look at the health impacts of eating red meat, the strange things it does to your body, and how meat in general affects the planet. You may have lived your life thinking, “there’s no way those cute little spotty moo cows are polluting the whole Earth!” Think again as we’ve got some straight facts for you. We even take a look at what would happen if you cut out meat entirely, maybe you live a healthier life, or maybe you gain superpowers! It’s all yours to discover as we delve into vegetarianism and the Beyond Meat fad. If you liked this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button! And for more brain biscuits, turn on the bell notification so you don’t miss a video!


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