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Do you know that it’s not only genetics what dictates how attractive you turn out to be? There are other factors that contribute to whether or not you appear “good-looking” to those around you. In fact, there are general features that make some people more attractive than the rest. And here they are.

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Which of these boys do you find more attractive? 0:32

It’s all about a jawline? Really? 0:54

What orthotropic treatment is 1:38

Better oral posture 2:56

How to make your face more attractive (it’s quite easy to do) 3:19

Facial symmetry 4:07

George Clooney Effect 5:05

Familiarity 6:14

An ideal partner looks like your father (if you’re a straight woman) 7:20

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– While genes determine the way your face looks and develops to a certain extent, a lot of it has to do with the positioning of your tongue due to environmental factors.
– For whatever reason, people tend to find certain jawlines and mouth positions more attractive. If a person isn’t comfortable with their particular jaw shape, they have the option of turning to something called orthotropic treatment.
– Orthotropic treatment is possible because some of the bones in the human skull can move over time.
– While it depends on the patient’s specific situation, things like braces, muscle exercises, retainers, and other mouth appliances can help redevelop a person’s facial features over time.
– There have been many different studies done over the years that indicate many people tend to find symmetrical faces more attractive.
– Some researchers have referred to this idea of younger women being attracted to older, successful men as the “George Clooney Effect.”
– Turns out, if you find familiarity in someone’s face, you’re more likely to find them good-looking.
– In the same vein, some researchers believe that if a person looks like your parent of the opposite gender, you’re more likely to be attracted to them.

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