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You obviously know that going to bed too late, smoking, and eating too much is unhealthy for you. But sometimes even the most harmless habits can present danger to our health. Did you know you could end up in the hospital if you stifle your sneeze? Or that chewing gum can make you feel less focused? Or that while reading in bed, you’re putting your eyes and spinal cord?

Bright Side has compiled a list of habits that seem harmless but actually pose great danger to our health.

Stifling a sneeze 0:54
Using toothpicks 1:57
Sleeping facedown on your pillow 2:27
Shelling seeds with your teeth 3:11
Chewing on something solid 3:40
Postponing a trip to the bathroom 4:04
Washing your hair with hot water 4:39
Touching your face and rubbing your eyes 5:06
Chewing bubble gum too often 5:32
Reading while lying in bed 6:14
Licking small wounds and blowing on them 6:48
Whispering 7:25
Using a phone while in the bathroom 7:51
Bonus 8:29

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– Imagine what would happen if you tried to shoot a gun when the barrel was covered. The same happens inside your nose — the entire power of the sneeze goes back and can hurt your hearing, increase your blood pressure, and damage your esophagus.
– Dentists don’t like toothpicks. They are quite harmless to the enamel, but the gums are in danger.
– It’s pretty harmful to sleep facedown on your pillow. In this position, breathing is hard, the neck is in an unnatural position, blood circulation worsens, and your neck vertebrae are in danger.
– Do you like sunflower seeds? If so, do you shell them with your teeth? If you answered yes, your teeth and gallbladder might be suffering! The proper way to shell seeds is with your hands — never with your teeth.
– People who love chewing on pens, pencils, paperclips, and other solid objects usually have huge enamel problems as they are hurting their teeth, gums, and mouth.
– In June 2018, a 10-year-old gamer from Great Britain was hospitalized after he spent 8 hours playing a game nonstop. His intestines and bladder were so bloated that doctors thought he had a cancerous tumor.
– If you love taking a shower in very hot water, it’s high time you stopped doing so. It’s damaging for your brain vessels and can give you a bad headache and dizziness.
– If you touch your face with your hands fairly often, you can get a whole variety of different skin infections like acne, herpes, and many more.
– If you chew gum before eating, you can get gastritis and possibly an ulcer. Chewing gum is also harmful to your teeth.
– Never read lying on your side. The distance to the book will constantly change, and your eyes will have to do more work.
– Back in 2002, scientists from Harvard University calculated that more than 600 species of microorganisms live in people’s mouths. Blood on a wound is the perfect place for them to thrive.
– Most people strain their vocal cords when whispering. This increases the chances of micro injuries of the larynx, which is especially dangerous for people who have to talk a lot.
– Sitting on the toilet for more than 5 minutes increases the pressure in your veins.
– When you need to wash your nose with a solution, you don’t want it to go too deep. Soak a cotton swab in the solution, and cover the inside of your nostrils with it.

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