The Black Plague Still Exists Today

The Plague (and other diseases) still exist today!
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Climate change, volcanos, asteroids, and fortnite. Our place on this planet isn’t really an assured one is it? But hey at least we don’t have anything else to deal with right? Wrong! Turns out we’ve got a whole lot extra coming our way. That’s right Brainiacs, today we take on all the historical diseases we thought we never had to worry about anymore! Join us as we explore the return of the victorian measles, the comeback of the Black Plague, and the sudden appearance of ancient anthrax! So lock yourselves up inside and get your vaccines in check, because we’re about to infect you… i mean expose you to all the viral threats out there that we haven’t dealt with since our grandparents were kids. And the best part about it all? It’s completely our fault!


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