Why You Should Never Wake Up A Sleepwalker

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Why Do You Sleepwalk? Facts You Didn’t Know About Sleepwalking #Brainiac #Facts
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Brainiac demystifies sleepwalking. We’ll dive deep into the sleep disorder that causes bizarre nighttime behaviors, including sleepwalking, sleep eating, sleep shopping, and even sleep driving. Learn more about this weird, and sometimes dangerous sleep behavior that affects about 3% of adults and 30% of children. We’ll study the truth, debunk myths, and reveal celebrity stories about their various sleepwalking mishaps. We discovered that celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Chris Colfer, and Mike Birbiglia have some pretty alarming stories about their sleepwalking adventures. Brainiac will uncover the scary consequences of sleep behaviors induced by a popular sleep aid. It’s been said to turn people into “Ambien Zombies,” causing defendants to use the “Ambien defense” in order to be acquitted of crimes committed while under the influence of this hypnotic drug. But is it actually dangerous to wake a sleepwalker? We’ll find out the truth behind rumors that waking a sleepwalker can cause them to have a heart attack, or even harm or kill the person trying to wake them up. Get the Brainiac take on sleepwalking here.