10 Times TOYS Got Kids In TROUBLE With Police Officers – Download

Kids are known for getting into mischief on occasion in the pursuit of trying to find new and creative ways to entertain themselves. But some children manage to find no small amount of trouble just playing with actual toys. In this video, we’ll show you ten times that something as simple as talking about your favorite toy with your classmates lead to kids getting in a whole heap of trouble. We know that schools generally have pretty strict rules about what you can and cannot bring onto school property, but sometimes their zero tolerance policies seem to make zero sense, like when one little girl found herself suspended from her kindergarten class for daring to bring a plastic bubble making machine with her to class. Given the choice between Nerf or nothing, most schools would rather their students bring nothing. One group of kids found out the hard way when they were suspended for bringing in Nerf products that they intended to use for a math presentation-one that had been cleared in advance by their teacher. Another kid made the mistake of leaving a Nerf dart in his pocket before heading to school, and when it was discovered he was severely punished. We’ve heard about fidget spinners being banned in schools, but we’ll for one kid, using a fidget spinner to help him concentrate on his schoolwork was enough to have his family investigated.


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