Surprising Things North Koreans Don’t Know About The South – Download

We love hearing about the strange and insular country of North Korea. It’s so hard to find out any news that isn’t related to their military or missiles, and we just want to know how people live their day to day lives! Come along with TheRichest as we explore what it’s like living in North Korea, and how it compares to living in South Korea. These two countries may be close geographically, but they are worlds apart in some very important ways. South Korea has internet so fast it will make those of us in the United States green with envy. If you’re hopping to hop online in North Korea, not only is their internet some of the slowest in the world, but they have less than 30 websites to visit. Nightlife in South Korea is thriving, with a great selection of bars, clubs, and restaurants. Meanwhile in North Korea, going out of karaoke or dancing is forbidden unless it’s a choreographed dance at a state-sponsored event. So much for a wild Friday night in North Korea! The vast majority of people in North Korea don’t date until they’re out of the military, and since they serve for ten years, they are pretty burnt out by the time they need to pick a mate. In South Korea, couples love to show off their affection for one another and even wear matching clothes and accessories. You probably love k-pop music from South Korea, but it’s banned in the North. South Korea even blasts it at their enemy just to show off their musical prowess.


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