10 More Everyday Things Only The Richest Can Afford! – Download

top 10 Ridiculously expensive versions of everyday items part 2

While we may only become super rich in our wildest dreams, we wonder if it’d be easier to have those dreams while resting our heads on a pillow that costs over $57,000. We’d feel badly about drooling all over the golden Mulberry silk and Egyptian cotton lining on such a pillow. While that pillow was designed to be as comfortable as possible, not all expensive items seem like they’d be enjoyable to use. Like the stainless steel sofa that probably costs more than your house. It’s too bad it’s probably so uncomfortable, because you’d look great sitting on it while you chow down on your $100 donut garnished with gold leaf and filled with Cristal. Just be careful not to get any sticky fingerprints on the sofa. While stainless steel and gold are pretty nice, many people prefer platinum. Some people enjoy the metal so much that they smear it all over their faces in hopes of reducing wrinkles. The Platinum Rare Cellular Cream produced by La Prairie promises to turn back the clock, but it comes with one heavy price tag. If you prefer your expensive products to be a bit more useful, check out the world’s most expensive kitchen knife and stove. You’ll never be able to look at your microfridge and plastic cutlery the same way again after learning about these crazy kitchen items. We’ll also show you possibly the most expensive shower curtain, pencil, and bike in the world.


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