Music Video Download – Whiteman Blows Saxophone to a popular Ghanaian song by Diana Hamilton

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In a certain ministration of Diana Hamilton in an unknown program in some part of the country ,The crowd was left with amazement as a Whiteman who was part of the instrumentalist took up the crowd by blowing Saxophone melodiously on this indigenous Ghanaian music!

It was a wonder that the instrumentalist I the country cannot play as good as this foreigner had done in the ceremony!

It was a glorious celebration that brought the descendance of the holy spirit into the crowd.
Everyone was touched and people really felt the presence of the most high in their midst!

What a thrilling experience it was!
Advice to instrumentalist!!
*Anytime you are ministration to any group of people ,pray that the leadership of the holy ghost should take preminemce over your play so that all can be blessed by your ministration and this will convert people to the True Gospel of Christ !

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