12 Tips That Will Save Your Life in a Critical Situation – Download

12 ordinary things that might save your life one day. You never know what surprises life has in stock. It can take you out of the comfort of your home or office and put you in place with no electricity, running water or even other people. There, you will have to fight for survival. In such situations, it is important to keep a cool head and act smart. You never know what can become extremely valuable to you – even the most everyday items can help you out.

Bright Side will teach you how to use 12 basic things in a critical situation to save your life. Who could have thought ChapStick could be so powerful!

To start a fire quickly, put branches or coals into an empty egg carton. 0:45
Use a T-shirt to filter water. 1:44
Light up a wax crayon. 2:26
To get warm, put grass and branches under your clothes. 2:54
Mosquitos, flies, and other insects don’t like the smell of burning herbs. 3:29
Use toothpaste to get rid of the itch from insect bites. 3:59
If you get scratched, put ChapStick on it. 4:39
Use a tampon to stop bleeding. 5:09
A condom is a great reservoir for pure water. 5:31
Scrape off a little bit of plastic from a pick, and light it to start a fire quickly. 6:04
To make a compass, put a leaf on water, and put a needle on the leaf. 6:36
How to tell a deadly snake from a safe one. 7:16

– Starting a fire can be sometimes tricky. In that case, an empty egg carton will be of help. Cartons light up very quickly, and the temperature is high enough to light up coals or wet branches even in windy weather.
– You can live for 100 hours without water, but it is much better not to risk it and take action. You can use your T-shirt as a water filter in an emergency situation. Put a container with dirty water on a raised surface and another one (empty) below and next to it.
– One wax crayon can burn for 30 minutes. You can use this crayon candle to light your way to safety or keep you warm as you wait to be rescued.
– When your body loses heat faster than it can produce it, your temperature drops to a dangerously low mark. For those cases when you don’t have enough warm clothes, or blankets, or need an extra layer, leaves and grass can be a solution.
– To protect yourself from being bitten by insects, throw a branch of thyme or some mint onto a fire. While you might find the smell the produce the best thing ever, it is a deadly odor for insects.
– For those cases when insects did manage to attack you, and your whole body is itching, toothpaste is the answer. It contains anti-inflammatory components that decrease swelling and redness.
– ChapStick will help you avoid bacteria in the cut. You can also put some on your face to protect yourself from low temperatures and dehydration.
– Guitar picks consist of celluloid that burns extremely well even in wet weather. So if you have a pick on you, you just have to scrape some plastic off it and light it to start a fire easily and quickly.
– Making a compass turns out to be easy. Take a needle or a pin, and rub one end of it on your jeans or any other dense fabric. Put the needle on a leaf in water. The end that you rubbed will point to the north.
– A venomous snake leaves large clear holes made by the front teeth. Non-poisonous snakes usually have two rows of teeth. Venomous snakes’ pupils look similar to cats’. Non-poisonous snakes have round pupils.

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